Some relevant Princeton University courses are listed below. As part of the RTG, new courses will be developed by faculty and postdoctoral associates.

Course Code Course Title
ORF 504 Financial Econometrics
ORF 505 Modern Regression and Time Series
ORF 514 Asset Pricing I: Pricing Models and Derivatives
ORF 515 Asset Pricing II: Stochastic Calculus and Advanced Derivatives
ORF 518 Applied Stochastic Analysis and Methods
ORF 522 Linear Optimization
ORF 523 Nonlinear Optimization
ORF 524 Statistical Theory and Methods
ORF 525 Generalized Regression Models
ORF 526 Stochastic Modeling
ORF 527 Stochastic Calculus and Finance
ORF 531 Computational Finance in C++
ORF 535 Financial Risk Management
ORF 538 Analytical and Computational Methods for Financial Engineering
ORF 542 Controlled Markov Processes
ORF 551 Probability Theory
ORF 554 Markov Processes
ORF 555 Fixed-Income Models
ORF 569 Special Topics
ORF 570 Special Topics
ORF 557 Stochastic Analysis Seminar
ORF 575 Financial Engineering Seminar
APC 550 Introduction to Differential Equations
APC 503 Analytical Techniques in Differential Equations
APC 505 Numerical Methods in Computational Science
APC 583 Wavelets: Applications of Wavelets in Mathematics and Other Fields